Arriving by boat:

Melton Boatyard is at the top of the River Deben; it’s easy enough to find and the main channel clearly marked. Simply follow the well marked buoys and come up on a rising tide. Unless you have a very shallow draught (a cat, centre boarder or a bilge keel for example), we recommend aiming to come past the Tidemill at about an hour before high water. This gives you plenty of time to berth. A rule of thumb is to aim for about 2 hours before high water over the Deben bar and carry the flood all the way in.

We’ve included a chartlet for you to download, or you can refer to Imray 2000.1 or Admiralty 2693 for the official versions.

Recent storms have made considerable changes to the Deben Bar.  This pic was taken 10th January 2016 about 2 hours before low water and shows new areas of breaking water as well as an extension and breaking up of the shingle banks.  (This is a panoramic photo – click and zoom in for detail). Before attempting entry to the Deben, good practice is to check for latest advice and come in on the flood but the team at Felixstowe Ferry do ensure the buoys are well placed.  Regular updates can be found at


Melton Approach. Click to download as a pdf.

Melton Boatyard is not far from the A12 arterial route. It is an easy place to deliver or collect with a trailer or large vehicle as the roads are straight.  There is a manual level crossing as you enter the yard, and it is essential that you call the signalman to ask permission to cross. This applies to ALL vehicles.  The Google map below can be used to print off directions.

Arriving by road:

Today’s (local) tide times for Woodbridge (Town) are:

Tide Times & Heights for Woodbridge on 18th October 2017
05:23 - Low Tide ( 0.75m )
12:14 - High Tide ( 4.02m )
17:51 - Low Tide ( 0.41m )

And the weather should be:

Melton, Woodbridge