Hardy 27 after her re-prime and antifoul, new shaft bearings and anodes now going afloat.

Hardy 27 light shotblast to remove prior to applying primer and antifoul

‘De barra’ a 40′ Degroot shotblasted up to decks all of the hull and bottom, now in black epoxy now awaiting sand down, finish and topcoats.

‘Willsbury’ in primer waiting for top coat to be applied.

‘Willsbry’ a 30′ steel fishing boat arrives from Felixstowe Ferry for shotblasing and epoxy coating.

‘Mist’ adorning our marina with her graceful lines.

‘Windhover’ a Westerly SeaHawk arrives for osmosis treatment (blast, peel and gel coat)

‘Gladys’ is launched and takes up her place in our marina.

‘Silver Cloud’ pops in for a quick anti-foul and polish.

After a major refit it is launch day for ‘Northumbria’.

A few repairs and a fresh coat of paint makes all the difference.

Our floating pontoons by the quay

Re-fitting a mast to a barge this size takes expertise, patience and precision.

VAHSTI returns from her winter quarters to have her mast stepped and take up in our marina, before heading off to her summer berth.

One of Simper’s fishing smacks has arrived with us for seasonal repairs by her owners.

Glimmering sunrise: where the sky falls into the water creating perfect symmetry.

Dredger and piping in place ready for annual dredging of river basin to begin.

Pontoon bridge undergoing repair and spray paint in our mobile workshop.

The beautiful little ‘Eden’ arrives for a quick shot blast and then back to her warm winter quarters at home. We look forward to seeing her again in the Spring.

Two project boats arrive for restoration and refit.

‘Will Laud’ after osmosis treatment.  Ready for antifoul, boot top and finishing with an electric polish to her topside.

‘Will Laud’ Aquastar 33 – out for shot blasting and Osmosis treatment.

Roberts 58 – prepare and respray.

VASHTI ‘taking up’ in our marina.  This 37′ Vashti class classic yacht has now gone back to her barn for the winter and further restoration; we welcome her return in the spring.

 Freeman 41 out for stern gear repair and antifoul.

Tam Grundy’s ‘Ben Michael’ out for annual paint and repair.

Ex police launch ‘Northumbria’ arrives for refit – ready to launch Spring 2016.

‘Lisa Life’

‘Barnacle Bill’

65′ Dutch Barge ‘Japi’ arrives by transport for launching and towing to Woodbridge

Life on the yard

September 2017

Excitement prevails on the yard this month, as we greet the arrival of a new crane.  The old one, purchased by Mel in 1991 was already an elderly lady from the ’60s, but she has served the yard well over the years and was certainly the stalwart of the yard until the travel hoist arrived in 2000. Nevertheless, it was time for a little modernisation, a move from man handling outriggers to hydraulic legs and a little extra height for lifting longer masts.  The new crane is much smaller and easier to maneuver round the yard, which seems quite small in the winter when full with boats on the hard.  An added benefit, is a tiny bit more comfort in the cab, a move from plywood to foam and vinyl and the door shuts.

The arrival of the new crane sparked a drive to repaint all the plant equipment on the yard and now anything that isn’t moving has been refreshed in Tonka Toy colours. Even the travel hoist has had a wash and epoxy preparation ready for it’s own fresh coat of JCB yellow with black trimmings.

Another significant event this month was the departure of ‘Ginger Dot’.  Affectionately known as the giant white slug by our river wall walkers, she had sat in our marina for 15 years while her owners raised the funds for her completion.  Finally the day came when she departed to Foxes Marina for the completion of their dream to restore this 1922 classic motor yacht to her former glory.  He place in our berth has already been taken up by a 40′ Degroot and a 41′ steel blue water yacht returning from her travels in the Mediterranean.


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August 2017

It’s the height of the summer, and days of sunshine make work on the yard hot and difficult but on the river creates warmth and perfect sailing weather.

40′ Degroot ‘Ocean Stream’ continued her spuce up in our workshop last month she was shotblasted and prepared for new paintwork.  She has now had a paint job all over including topsides and has returned to her regular berth in our marina.

70ft Dutch Barge ‘Ganges’ came out for grit blast and painting.  Too large to go in our workshop she sat on our quay making her large presence felt for a couple of weeks; she was admired by our many passes by who inquired about her origins. ‘Ganges’ is based at Woodbridge dock and and has been a houseboat for sometime.

It’s been a month for barge work.  As soon as ‘Ganges’ was launched,we took out a 60ft widebeam canal barge on the same tide. She came in for a blast from the decks downwards.  Topsides and hull received five coats of epoxy paint before anti-fouling the hull and finishing the topsides in gloss black. New annodes were fitted and she was launched; she headed back to Martlesham Creek with her new owner.

The end of August brought typical English weather: wind, rain and sunshine – often all in the same day. ‘Lady Cate’ a classic 1970s classic motor boat was lifted out for topside repaint, antifoul, new shaft bearings, new anodes and relaunch but with both workshops full, weather played havoc with this job which had to be completed outside.  It was either too windy, or too hot or too wet to get the job done but eventually everything came together, the job was finished and she returned to her berth in our marina.



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July 2017

It’s a hectic time of year for the yard.  The sun has been scorching and relentless for days at at a time. The river looks picture perfect; moorings are filling up and more often than not white sails and rippling wakes are seen, making the river seem smooth and graceful. However, despite these idyllic images, we have had some strong blows recently and white horses with 2′ waves have been creating challenging conditions particularly past Kyson as the river opens out and the wind gets a chance to whip up on these wider reaches.

Launching and hauling remains the order of the day and keeps the team busy on every tide.  The travel hoist is working flat out as Simon tries to eek the most out of every tide, but as fast as he launches one boat, it feels as if another is waiting to come ashore. It is an endless task but it is the bread and butter of daily yard work.

This month ‘Ocean Stream’ a 45′ De Groot has been in our mobile workshop for grit blast, re-expoxying, preparations and paint job all over. Another ’45 De Groot joined us for shot blasting and painting.  The De Groot is a popular vessel, due to their strong build and lasting qualities; we have had three of these through the yard recently and they have all aged well.

The lovely ‘Elwing’ finished her osmosis treatment in our smaller workshop and is ready for her season’s sailing in East Anglia’s local waters.

Our workshops have been full all month.  If you need repairs or repainting for next season do book in early or arrange for it to be complete at a quieter time.  Both workshops have heaters and most repair and paint jobs can be completed all season round.  A last minute request to prepare a boat for launch at this time of year is likely to lead to disappointment.

Sae Wyfling has been back to see us again.  We launched her again this month so she could take part in Woodbridge Regatta; this lovely half size Saxon long ship has now returned home to continue her preparations for celebrations planned for later this year.



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June 2017

This month Tam Grundy brought ‘Ben Michael’ to the yard for her annual service, shot blast, repairs and paint. A well known working tug she is often seen working the Deben and local waters.

‘Tudo-Bem’ a much admired local 45′ Dragonfly Trimaran, came in for her annual service and repairs. She has been lifted out and washed followed by an antifoul.  She had a new electric windlass fitted for easier anchor lifting and finally her topsides were polished before she was returned to the water to continue her season.

This month heralded the arrival of another well known blue water yacht, a Vagabond 42. ‘Vagrant‘ can often been seen frequenting the Deben and Orwell or heading off to warmer more exotic climes.  This month she came out for a DIY clean up, antifoul and topsides paint.  We are always pleased to support our owners wanting to do their own repairs, all we ask is you arrange with Simon the best time and place to work and always clear up after yourselves.

‘El Toro’ came in for a grit blast.  Following this she was sanded, re-antifouled and painted all over.

‘Tullis‘ ventured up to out top end of the Deben for a quick visit on her way to Aldeburgh.  Although we don’t have regular visitor berths, we can ususually welcome visitors for a short period of time by moving one of our own boats, so do give us a call and we will fit you in if we can.

‘Janthea‘ a 45’ wooden ex Dunkirk Little Ship came in for an engine rebuild in April.  After pausing a while on the Deben she set off for the Thames to take part in the Dunkirk celebrations. Unfortunately, ‘Janthea’ had to make an unscheduled stop at Shotley marina due to leaking from her underside.  Simon went to see her and after inspecting her closely he soon found the source of the problem.  Simon crawling underneath recorked her leaking planks and and put lead tingles on her garboard to stem the leaks.  She was launched the next morning and made it to the Thames with no further concerns.

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May 2017

As preparations for the new season are well underway, both workshops are full and the yard rings with the sound of our DIY customers getting their vessels ready for launching.

‘Lisa Life’ out scrub bottom, anode, antifoul and topsides.  ‘Poseidon’ re-antifoul, anode and skin fittings.

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April 2017

Spectacular sunrises and clear blue skies were the order for the month of April. We had rain, but the high winds that had dominated working days left, leaving behind a stillness and clear spring days that offered brief glimpses of summer months to come.  The Deben often had a low misty haze that clung to the water’s edge and didn’t burn off even during warm spring days; leaving a magical and mystical feel to the rising and falling of the Deben’s tidal water.

Our travel hoist has been busy lifting and launching, which has for this month included the classic yacht Ostara who was launched and took up a temporary place in our marina while her owner finished his repairs and a Hardy 27 came in for a light shotblast to remove prior to applying primer and antifoul. New shaft anodes.

As the days have got warmer, our bird life has noticeably increased and has included a pair of Canada Geese, who have become quite friendly and will feed comfortably from our hands.

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March 2017

Some early sun filled days in March peaked the interest of a few keen customers who started the process of preparing their boats for the water, but these hints at summer were quickly squashed with cold winds that whipped through the yard, tearing into the most of hardy of river folk.

However, this early show of fine weather did bring out the perhaps the hardiest of them all, for we were invaded by the Saxons, in their vessel Sae Wyfling (a half size replica ship). They arrived quite peacefully, with hardly a ravage or a pillage (King Radewald would have been most disappointed) and Sae Wyfling was put afloat, to take up ready for a trip down the Deben with her Saxon re-enactment crew. This well made replica had been ashore for some time but she took up with hardly a drop and only began to make water during the rigours of her river trails. This replica long ship then came back for a lift out and clean and has moved back to her home for further preparations, as plans are made to celebrate links between Sutton Hoo, our local Heritage and maritime history. The development of the Whisstocks yard will eventually house a full scale replica of the Sutton Hoo Anglo Saxon Burial Ship. We are proud play a small part in these celebrations.

The travel hoist has been busy with the usual launching of vessels and bringing them onto the hard but the big Dutch barge ‘Japi’ was the biggest of the year so far.  She filled the yard with her presence and was an impressive sight as she was lowered into the Deben.  One of the largest barges to ever come through the yard she arrived by road transport and was then safely placed afloat.  At one point we wondered if she would make it through the flood gates but with a little bit of ‘this way and that’ and ‘to me to you’ she finally fitted through and was soon on her way to her new berth in Woodbridge.

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February 2017

February brought the wind.  Gusts of 70mph ripped through the yard threatening to shake loose anything not tied down. The Orwell Bridge was closed causing traffic chaos. Simon spent the day tying up covers, securing anything the wind might move and tying up halyards, which were noisily flapping against exposed masts.  The large mobile boat cover on the quay was strapped to the crane and forklift, as an extra precaution and all boats on the hard were checked that their blocks and supports were secure.  These efforts were well rewarded, as the yard suffered no damage.

Extraordinary sights could be seen in the marina when the storm was at its full force.  With the wind coming off the land,  lightweight yachts took the blast broadside and lay at an unnatural angle leaning against their lines, as the strongest blasts battered them – but everything was well secured and when the wind abated, the Marina returned to its restful calm, with no signs of the fierce gale it had withstood. No doubt one more storm will pass though and that’ll be the end of the season’s blasts.

This month we were pleased to welcome the rescue rib from Neptune Sailing Club that operates from Woolverstone Marina.  She is in for repair to its cracked fibreglass bottom and a quick spruce up.  Neptune offer so much to young sailors on the Orwell, it’s nice to support their endeavours.  They have a small fleet of Toppers, Wayfarers and a couple of Vibes for the more adventurous students. If you are in need of RYA tuition on a tidal river they are a great place to start.

We have another cruiser taking up a permanent floating berth in our marina.  She is a Broom 37  ‘Caramanda’, who arrived this month from winter quarters in Levington but is now under new ownership. It’s lovely having ‘Caramanda’ back, it’s a small world in the rivers and estuaries of Suffolk. She used to be at our yard when she belonged to a previous owner; it’s good to have her home again.

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Ex police launch ‘Northumbria’ under our all-weather mobile boat cover

Grand Banks 36 Lift out and transport to Wales.

Lady Ella

70′ widebeam canal barge houseboat from Martlesham Creek out for grit blast and 5 coats of epoxy from decks down. Finish is shiny gloss black. New anodes and relaunch.

‘Ganges’ a houseboat from Woodbridge arrives for a grit blast and epoxy coating, finished in gloss black with black antifouling.  New anodes fitted and relaunch.

Call out to Shotley Point for emergency caulking to garboard on a a classic gentleman’s yacht – one of the little ships.

‘Tudo-Bem’ receives electric polish to hull, fresh antifouling and new electric windlass before returning to her Deben home

‘Vagrant’ a Vagabond 41′ out for shot blast, antifoul, fresh epoxy and repaint topsides

‘Ostara’ classic 38′ yacht launched after winter ashore where she received fresh paint and varnish work

Sae Wyfling arrives to begin preparations for her move to Whisstocks new Sutton Hoo/Maritime ‘Long Shed’.

Airboats and alligators were the order of the day in December.

65′ barge in strops awaiting launch

28′ classic wooden Twister in for repairs and varnish

‘Second Simo’ arrives for gritblast, antifoul and refit.

‘Jubilee Joy‘ Cyril’s fishing boat up from Felixstowe for stern gear repairs.

‘Scooby’ having arrived from Spain, hangs in the strops awaiting her place on the hard.

Simper’s ‘Silver Harvest’ in for engine and gearbox repair.

Another local Deben barge comes out for her annual spruce up.

The combination of sunshine and rain have led to some spectacular rainbows.

Tam Grundy brings Paul’s lovely wooden yacht to the yard after she incurred damage to her hull.

It is June and yet we are busier than ever taking boats out! Space on the quay is at a premium.

Woodbridge Houseboat ‘Ganges’ out for a survey.

Dutch barge houseboat comes out for a full survey prior to sale.

‘Clio’ receiving her osmosis treatment.

‘Vagabond’ in for restoration, repair and varnish work.

We lift boats of all shapes and sizes.  Here a 20′ Deben Cherub ‘Lynette’ looks small between two catamarans ‘Wakey Wakey’ and ‘Spirit of Europe’ and a 55′ classic double-diagonal gentleman’s launch ‘Vueni’.

These two classic wooden vessels are warm and safe in our workshop. Undergoing restoration and repair, they will go afloat in the Spring.

Winter ashore at Melton Boatyard


‘Lady Cate’ having a light sandblast to remove build up of antifouling.

Simon applying final coat of epoxy to a Bruce Roberts 58 yacht.

‘Silver Cloud’ after her refit, polish and varnish work.

Restoring ‘Gladys’

‘Gladys’ a Finesse 28, once the envy of many on The Deben, had lain neglected on a mud berth at the yard for several years. As the seasons came and went, it saddened many to watch her gradual decline; her beauty faded as green algae began to smother her torn covers and water seeped into her decks. With her fenders squashed, her lines loose and a bilge pump increasingly working hard, Simon eventually approached the owner with the words no boat lover likes to hear, “The time has come to save her or let her go”.

Click on the small arrows opposite to scroll through her journey through to complete restoration.